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Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 6-8 & 10

I'm so sorry to put a few days into one post, however Day Seven was a day of resting & reflecting and my reflection post dealt with that.

I have been following this journey on schedule and I'm just so excited at the changes I am already seeing happen.

So, Day Six was all about creating a mission statement.. I've come up with a few but undecided on which one I will use. I will share one just so you can see.
* My purpose is to express my gift of service and creativity. I value my gift and growing spiritually, emotionally and mentally. I love laughter, music, reading, learning, planning, making others feel beautiful, empowering others, quality time with quality people and love. I am committed to expressing my love in my actions and words. I will make time for those close to me along with specific quality time with my husband and family. I am committed to being a phenomenal wife, leader, daughter, mother and friend. I will lead a healthy lifestyle full of love and in all things I will put God first and give my all in whatever I do. Knowledge and Wisdom are critical. My life is not about me but the lives I touch whether it be through my businesses or casual conversation . I am committed to living this life, fully!

Day 8 was all about keeping a gratitude journal which is something I am already doing. I learned this from another great life coach Shanel Cooper Sykes. I am grateful for all things, good and bad for they all come with a purpose. As my pastor always says "there is purpose in the process". Its something I have to remind myself of but once I do it brings me back to a calm place. I am so ready for where God is taking me and I know that when the fire seems too hot that I am eventually becoming like pure gold.

I hope those of you who read actually consider taking this challenge or at least gain something from me sharing my personal experiences.

My blog is not just about me or my journey but also about plenty other things along with the fabulous people I come across that are smart, gifted, entrepreneurs doing their own thing in this world and making a change.

Its time out for the hating and being mad because you didn't think of something first. There is plenty of room at the top but more importantly on your way to the top encourage and lend your hand to someone who may not know that yet.

the gorgeous dork.


  1. Great post.. You know I am always inspired by your words of wisdom... We remain on the same page and that's the awesome characteristic of our friendship ... Continue to be the best you, because in doing so you are touching so many other lives ...