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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Alicia Keys - Brand New Me

 This lyrics are so me, right now.... I am excited!

It's been a while, I'm not who I was before 
You look surprised, your words don't burn me anymore 
Been meaning to tell you, but I guess it's clear to see 
Don't be mad, it's just the brand new kind of me 
Can't be bad, I found a brand new kind of free 

Careful with your ego, he's the one that we should blame 
Had to grab my heart back 
God know something had to change 
I thought that you'd be happy 
I found the one thing I need, why you mad 
It's just the brand new kind of me 
Never bad, I found a brand new kind of free 

Oh, it took a long long road to get here 
It took a brave, brave girl to try 
It took one too many excuses, one too many lies 
Don't be surprised, don't be surprised 

If I walk a little taller 
If I speak up when you're wrong 
If I walk a little taller 
I'd be known to you too long 
If you noticed that I'm different 
Don't take it personally 
Don't be mad, it's just the brand new kind of me 

Oh, it took a long long road to get here 
It took a brave brave girl to try 
I've taken one too many excuses, one too many lies 
Don't be surprised, oh see you look surprised 

Hey, if you were a friend, you want to get know me again 
If you were worth a while 
You'd be happy to see me smile 
I'm not expecting sorry 
I'm too busy finding myself 
I got this 
I found me, I found me, yeah 
I don't need your opinion 
I'm not waiting for your ok 
I'll never be perfect, but at least now i'm brave 
Now, my heart is open 
And I can finally breathe 
Don't be mad, it's just the brand new kind of free 
That ain't bad, I found a brand new kind of me 
Don't be mad, it's just a brand new time for me

Monday, October 8, 2012

touching base

Totally neglected those of you who do read and I apologize. I am taking a little break but I promise to be back. God is opening so many doors in my life, I am way too focused on that right now. Opportunities arise daily and why not answer the door when they knock. God is moving and I don't want to miss a beat. I am feeling better than ever. He never ceases to amaze me. One out, one in...Thank you Lord. *praise break*

Continue to listen to your heart and follow your dreams. When doors close, let them. When people leave, let them. I promise you something bigger and better is on the way. Wishing you all an abundance of blessings!

I'm over here cheering on all of you, even the naysayers and haters.

God bless! Living life in the overflow....


Monday, September 10, 2012


So yeh.. its been a while.  So many things are happening however I'm still in the race and waiting on whats to come. In the meantime I've come up with a few things to blog about lol.

So, its football season and both my husband and I love football. I am a die hard Bears fan, he...a 49ers fan. I used to love them back in Jerry Rice  days but things have changed, I do however love the game so I enjoy watching the 49ers, Steelers, Eagles, and many others. I am a huge fan of Peyton Manning too so I'll be tuning into the Bronco's this season as well. I took a few pics of me and the hubby being silly on Sunday watching the games. I'll be documenting this season of LOVE & FOOTBALL lol. #loveandfootball

I also have been purging and getting rid of so many things. I've been tossing papers, clothes, jewelry, you name it OUT! Either giving to Goodwill, relatives or simply throwing in the trash.  In the process I knew I had a lot of tops but I did not know I had as many as I do. So, I'll also be forcing myself to wear every top and I'll be posting about it lol. Some new, some old but I thought it would be fun to actually force myself to wear them all. The #toomanyshirtsproject!

                                    a lil sweater shirt I found at H&M

I post most of the pics on instagram but I will try my hardest to post here as well.

Guess, what I've also started Insanity and mama is sticking with it. I have a special birthday coming up 12-12-12 and Hubby and friends will be cruising with me. I would tell you where but yeh you know how that goes...people watching me LOL. My goal is to be in something teeny the entire time lmao..just kidding but I do plan on wearing shorts which is something I DON'T DO!  I will keep you (the few of you that read) what's going on and the plans and all that great stuff!

I miss blogging but so much other stuff had been occupying my time.

I also did an entry challenge for people to complete for my new coaching business.  I have a few people taking the challenge and it warms my heart that people are actually seeing things manifesting in their lives from something I helped with. How cool! GOD gets all the glory! I figure this was a good way to introduce the business, get some feedback and I even offered it free. This coaching thing...its not about the money but helping people get out of their own way and live this life we get OUT LOUD! Feel me? I hope so.

During all this time, you know the devil has been attacking but I am standing firm and believing that God is about to unleash some stuff I wont even be able to explain. You better watch what I tell you. I just want to be a blessing to others and help who I can along the way. Lets master it together.

I've discovered while working this job I have that I am most happy when I am helping others reach goals and planning events! Hey, that's my thing and I'm gonna work it. So thankful for the hubby being so supportive of it. I will have my certification shortly and I already have it in event planning. SO just watch me work.. well actually, watch God work! I can't do anything without Him.

I love you all... and I'm here for ya. Follow me on instagram thegorgeousdork


Friday, August 3, 2012


See why they put blinders on the horses!! You have to have LASER BEAM FOCUS!!! Distractions... people... cars... noise... BS and other mess that keeps you from going STRAIGHT on your path!! Get a pair!!! They are free... just CHOOSE #EXTRAORDINARY -scs

I've been making a lot of changes lately and even starting a new adventure in my life. I've been studying a lot and created a couple of challenges for future clients. I'm praying that this new path is an awesome one for my clients but for me as well. I have a couple people taking one of my challenges as we speak and I think, better yet I know it will be life changing for them.

I've done teen mentoring/coaching for 8+ years and I think now its time to help others. I'm planning to put my youth development business on hold for a year and focus on the ones who did participate individually. I even plan to do a tween/teen conference this year so that maybe I can reach more than the few I've had over the years. However, I am okay knowing that I have at least changed or impacted the life of one.

I've been stepping out on faith more and more as of late, the stronger it gets the more I step out on it. What's holding you back from stepping out into your dreams? Fear? Always remember that FEAR is not of God and can easily be remembered as False Evidence Appearing Real. Don't let fear keep you from reaching goals, making dreams a reality. This life we get on earth is short and we should live every day as the gift it is. Make a difference. Give of yourself and your talents. God gave you that gift for a reason.

Continue to keep me lifted in prayer as I step out and try to change as many lives as I can.

We may not agree always, we may not support the same things or believe the same things but one thing I can say is that I love you regardless.


Tuesday, July 31, 2012


So, I realized I haven't posted in a while and told you last that I'd show pics of the new baby.

Well, he's here and has been here for going on three weeks and let me tell you he is bad. How can something that is 3.3 lbs be such a busy body?? lol

Introducing the new addition, Major!

This was his first night at home with me, my hubby was out of town and left me to be a single mom to this little rascal. First couple of days I was just tired because he whined all night and couldn't get his potty issues together lol.

Next up
Daddy was back home this week so Major completely dissed his momma for him. They play together often until he makes his daddy mad lol.

I think this is where we love him most...him sleeping. He's so cute when he's sleeping and so good lol. He always has to hide under the couch to sleep when he's not behind his gate. He acts as though he has such a hard life.

Well, now we're here...
when he's riding in the jeep with us he feels as though he's got to see what's going on. Mind you, he's only 3.3 lbs so its kinda hard to look out of windows without a bit of assistance. He definitely has the Napolean complex.

Well, here's our baby and I am sure there will be many more posts about him in the future. I just wanted to make sure I introduced him to you guys. When I get ready to kick him out hopefully you guys will be there to pick him up lol.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

something new...

I have not had a dog since I was about 4 years old. Shortly after my dog was put down I was introduced to the movie Cujo, so right away you should know I was messed up- seeing this at 4/5 years old lol. Anywho, for the next two years I remember having nightmares about Cujo and was terrified of dogs. I've been scared of dogs up until about 3 years ago and even still takes me a minute to be calm around them.

With that said, I have been interested in getting a puppy for the last 3 years or more. I'm finally getting one! It seems like it took forever to find the right one but I did and he will be here next Monday. Mel and I have decided to name him Major! Originally, I wanted to name him Rupert (my family guy fans will get it) but Mel was not having it.  We are the proud pet parents of a peekapoo!

I have been getting all the little things our little man will need without going overboard too. I've found all kinds of goodies that were reasonable prices online and at Home Goods. I've got my little guy a bed, puppy pads, his food/water dish, toys, grooming items, food, treats and a couple of outfits. He's going to be spoiled, I can already tell. Since we don't have a baby yet, Major will definitely be getting a little extra lol. My step daughter has already agreed to puppysit for me and she better not hurt my baby either lol.

Anywho, just wanted to share my excitement on overcoming my fear of dogs and becoming a pet parent. Cheers to all my other pet parents out there!!!

I will post a pic as soon as he comes home.


Thursday, June 21, 2012


Hello world,

So the past two weeks I've been re reading Purpose Driven Life, I read the book like 8 years ago I think and it really helped me. Reading it now, I am in total amazement at how far I've come. Of course, there is still a long road ahead but I am thankful for it.

If anyone has ever read it before you know it really breaks down things that we deal with and our struggle as Christians, etc.  The tests, the living on purpose, the honoring God in all we do.... It seems that ever since I started the book again that I find myself doing or not doing things based on if God will be pleased with it. I have definitely checked my thoughts as they come (the negative ones) and try to regroup as quickly as possible.  It seems as though the tests just keep coming but I thankfully am able to quickly pass them lol.

I don't know about you guys but to know and see my growth first hand is a blessing and I'm excited as to where re reading this book is going to take me next.  My Father in Heaven has great things in store for me and I know I am no accident. I am so excited and pumped up about whats to come even through the little tests. I'm equipped to better handle them now. My relationship with the Lord is getting deeper and deeper and I yearn to glorify Him more!

There are so many good things going on around me that I know mine is right there on its way. I have friends in new homes, with new loves, with new jobs or positions, starting new businesses, going back to school, getting closer to God and just living! I am on cloud 12...

Just had to share...join me in reading or re/reading The Purpose Driven Life