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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Weight Loss/Healthy Side:
So... I'm several days in and wooo hooo, I've lost 4lbs so far. I'm celebrating every LB to come off.

 The Inner Wedding/Event Planner Side:
I'm going to be a vendor this weekend and a special event and I'm looking forward to it and networking with other vendors and future clients... This should be fun. Totally thinking of doing a black, white and yellow theme for my table. I really need to make up some info sheets too.. Hmm, glad I'm writing because that could of possibly slipped my mind. (not a good look)

Relationship Side:
Things are going great with us besides our little unnecessary spats we have, hey..who doesn't right? I'm looking forward to us having some real one on one time soon. Seems like every weekend has been kinda crazy since July. It was nice though, this week he took Monday and Tuesday off so we were able to spend some time after work. Talk about weird, (he works 2nd) but super nice to spend time and to make him watch my shows with me hee hee. After the networking event on Saturday we plan to go see Takers, I'm hoping that its good. Lets cross our fingers

Model Side:
Nothing new going on. I totally hate that I didn't fill out the Torrid Model Search Application but then again everything happens for a reason right?

On another note, I have had the craziest year but all in all I'm still blessed and grateful for every experience. There are a few things I'm looking forward to getting involved in/with and I'll keep future followers posted. I want to write and write but its kinda hard when there's no one out here listening lol.

That's it for my ramble of the day....

Is there anyone out there????


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just had one of the best salad's ever... Southwest Salad from McDonalds was awesome and only 420 calories!  "I'm lovin' it".

Day one is going well so far, now just have to get off work and get the workout on and eat a healthy dinner.

New Journey-Day One

So... I've looked at several pictures over this year and especially from an event I threw this past weekend and I'm NOT happy. Along with the pictures, I've noticed how bad I've been sweating during this summer and its like a pig. Needless to say its time to get this weight off, I try but I give up when I don't see results quick enough. Its time now that I make a lifestyle change and stick with it, I want to be around for many years to come. My girl Tracy has signed on to helping me get this off and I can't thank her enough.
I do pretty good at work but some mornings I smell the wonderful smells coming from the cafeteria and I tend to make my way down there and get a little bite. Not that what I get is terrible but I just need to be smarter with my choices. I know I wont be able to fully give up everything, that's a sure sign of failure right off. So, the plan is to cut back and totally plan out my meals like on a Sunday afternoon and have it all packed up for the week. My mother wants to lose too so I'm hoping with her signing on that we can do this together easier than alone. My hunny does well and he cheats often but in the gym 4-5 days a week. I really want to look great for him, be able to wear a pair of shorts, feel better about myself, look good in a bikini and overall just be happy with ME physically.
Sidenote: This blog will take you on my weight loss journey along with many other topics that I randomly think about...I am the gorgeous dork right?!?! LOL
Love & Blessings
The Gorgeous Dork