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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The start of my 10 day fast with my church/Day 9

Today is the beginning of my 10 day fast with the church. I'm on day 9 of my 31 days challenge and coming to an end of my decluttering process. I spend so much time helping other people or encouraging them that I tend to forget about myself or no one is there to do the same for me when I need it. So, today its about me. I'm at work working of course but reading a book, praying and doing my exercise for my 31 day challenge which is creating a life map... this process is extensive and really has put into focus what should've been there all along. I am excited about the woman that I will be after this. Seems like the boat is rocking for some of the people/things in my life... I just pray they can weather the waves and hold on. I genuinely want the best for those close to me along with those who are not so close...for everyone to be honest.

This life mapping is really bringing out some things that I've been putting on the back burner. Things that are making me think, making me plan. I feel like there are going to be some major changes in my life in the very near future.  I can't wait, well let me rephrase that I'm just looking forward to the changes because I feel like they will be great changes.

I've decided to give up Facebook for this 10 day fast, its already giving me more clarity and more time to focus on the things mentioned above. I guess I never looked at how much time and energy I put into facebook before. I usually am playing a game on there or posting inspirational things for my friends and myself along with the morning eye candy which my lady friends look forward to.

I received a message last night on Facebook when I said that I was taking a short break saying "I need you, you don't know how much your posts really help me with my day...please don't go. But, I understand!" Sometimes we aren't aware of the lives we touch but that felt great to receive however it was important for me to give up something that would actually be a sacrifice.

So far, so good...

the gorgeous dork

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