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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day One of a 31 Days to a BETTER ME!

If anyone knows me, they know that I am always striving to be a better "me".  I think I am addicted to becoming great, does that mean I'm stressing myself out everyday to be something "extra"..No! I am just a firm believer that I can't look for anyone else to make me great except me so I participate in a lot of lifestyle classes, challenges, etc. 

So much in my life has changed over the last five years that I strive for this. A lot has even changed in the year 2011, they say its the year of revelation and boy has a lot been revealed. I've lost some friends, some loved ones have passed on but I gained a husband and made some of my friendships solid.  I not only want to be a good woman but a good wife, mother, friend, entrepreneur, mentor, etc. So challenging myself daily is a must. 

A friend whom I've only met in the cyber world asked if I would be interested in joining the 31 Days to Reset your life challenge via  . So, I did it! 

For day one we were asked to provide our personal mantra, theme song and to pick a notebook to use throughout the journey and why you picked that particular notebook.

My personal mantra happens to be that Everyday and every way I am becoming better and better & I create value in my life and others lives everyday.

My theme song personally would be either Pieces of Me-Ledisi


Golden-Jill Scott

Bonus: One for the place I'm in in love right now, I'd pick...

As far as my notebook, its a pretty black binder with a pink breast cancer logo. Why? Because its discreet, looks official and its perfect for me.

Looking forward to the outcome of yet another journey that will continue in making me the best me I can be. 

Live, Love, Laugh...and dance like no one is watching. God Bless!
~the gorgeous dork


  1. I love it! For as long as I've known you, you have been one to always strive for the best in life. I'm proud of the woman you have become and I know that you are a Blessing to those you come in contact with...even if it is for a short period of time. From hundreds of miles away, I sending you my love!

    Your Friend

  2. Aww thank you Shena. I miss you and all the great conversations we have had. Love you and thanks again for following and commenting. <3

  3. I'm looking forward to taking this journey with you and many more. You are my kindred sister! We'll have to plan us a "girl trip" to officially meet! LOL

  4. I am looking forward to it too and happy you offered it. Agreed, girl trip in the making. :o)