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Monday, October 24, 2011

Day Five


As I take this journey it gets more and more personal so some things just wont be shared, lol. Day five was all about listing the things that are most important to you, listing your values. After we listed these things we then had to pick the top 10 things and put them in another list, our Reset 10 list.

After placing the 10 most important things to you on this list you had to then begin to be honest about (rate yourself from one to ten) on how you fell you are acting out that particular value in your life. Needless to say I'm not acting out highly enough on a few of the things in my Reset 10 list. I was pleased to see that I was acting out highly on majority of them. I just love to see when my hard work at becoming the best me over the last couple years is paying off. A lot of prioritizing but well worth it.

Lastly after you have rated your Reset 10 you need to go through each one and name 3 possible steps that you can take to increase that rating. I'll give one of mine, Financial Freedom- I rated it at about a 5 which is NOT good. If I want Financial Freedom, why am I not taking/making all the steps to achieve this? So, I had to name 3 steps that I can take to make this become a 10.  I have 3 businesses, I need to make more time for whichever is generating the most income, market myself more and simply put in the work.

These exercises are truly helping and I am so thankful that I was asked to do this. I hope that my posts somehow impact or influence you to make some changes. Take the challenge yourself or take a piece of it. Any action towards something you want will make a difference. You want a big change or to see a big impact, then put in lots of work. Faith without works is dead.

the gorgeous dork

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