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Monday, October 24, 2011


I was sitting here reflecting over the past couple of years and more so the past couple of weeks. God brings opportunity daily for me, I believe its always been there but I some how blocked it or possibly ignored it. The last couple of weeks have been life changing. All the things that I have participated in that involved mastering being the best me, all seem to make more sense now.

I am an independent consultant for Mary Kay, only for a few months now but my business seems to be working itself. I learn a lot from being a part of this great company and I'm thankful for that. I also was able to meet Oprah at her new Lifeclass which changed my life in such a special way that I will remember it forever. Meeting Oprah was always on my vision board and always something I wanted to happen but after the show ended this past spring I thought that chance was over. However, God heard me and I had put this out into the universe that the opportunity presented itself and I jumped on it. I was supposed to be an actual guest but things turned out differently. Was I mad, no..disappointed, yes. I began to think though...I wasn't specific and the Lord had given me the opportunity to be in her presence so who was I to be disappointed.  What was said that night was the greatest gift and confirmed so much in my life. #grateful

The following week I was given the opportunity to be a chaperone for the trip to D.C with the youth from my church as you saw in another post. I was there, in the presence of all these great people who had impacted the lives of many. I was there...whew! I saw so many people that day, not just the celebrities and well known but people of many backgrounds all there, celebrating the life of a man that made it possible for us to all stand there together. WOW!

Once we made our way over to the actual monument I took my time and read every quote leading up to it. I could see it from afar and my heart was beating a thousand miles a minute. As I got closer to that monument my eyes began to fill with tears, not of sadness but of pride. I was proud as if it were him standing there himself. The detail of the monument, the quotes, the fact that I was there for the dedication among so many other emotions...powerful!

My organization started its seventh year. I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd be going this long but I have. I have a great team involved and great young ladies. I have to help them, it is my duty. This year seems promising, life changing and one that will stick with the girls forever.

In a week I will have been married to my best friend, my first love for just six months but I am HAPPY. I love that we are growing individually but also growing together. This is something I did not think would actually happen either but God knew my heart and he sent (revealed) that my first love/best friend would be my husband.

I am thankful for all the opportunities that God continues to give me. I'm so not worthy of His love and blessings but He continues to love little ol me. I made a promise that I would continue to touch and change lives...not ever for praise but because I'd love for us ALL to be the best possible in this life. Make yours memorable. Its not about the things, the "stuff" we get but about who's lives we touch.

the gorgeous dork

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