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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

oops Day 10 & 11

For those of you that follow/read my blog I do apologize for not being consistent with my posts. I have been consistent with all of my daily lessons/assignments though  ;o) .

Day 10 which I was supposed to put in the last post I don't believe I really did. It was all about doing one thing that would move you closer to your ideal life. Now, I'm a Mary Kay consultant (I signed up because I wanted a part time job and it worked best). Mary Kay constantly has classes and seminars you can go to to learn more about how to succeed in the business. Well last week they had an event that had two of Mary Kay's top millionaires coming to speak. My director spoke about it and I quickly agreed. I met two amazing women with amazing stories. I purchased a couple cd's and learned a lot that night. I've already made it to the next level which was not something that I had even planned on. Its a great business and I love the history of it. God first, family second, business third. These women are able to live the life of their dreams all while making others feel beautiful...right up my alley.

Day 11 was about getting an accountability partner. Now, having one of these is great for any one but not every one is able to follow through. An accountability partner is all up in yours LOL. My best friend Jennifer has been mine for about a year now but I have gained a new one... Daphne. If you decide to get one, be prepared for questions on things you've shared, etc. These people are there to make you better, hold you accountable for what you say ad make sure you follow through with your goals. Now, as of late. I have been an accountability partner to a few. Its something that I've been given to do so I do it part time and for no money currently. I have worksheets, etc that I have these people follow, check in often and of course...all up in theirs!!!

If you don't have one, get one...even if you get attitudes about what they say or ask! We all can benefit from one. Our friends are not always the best but someone you can trust with your goals/visions. Make it happen.

Accountability, get some!


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