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Thursday, October 13, 2011

I come first!

So, last night I went to partake in the Oprah's Lifeclass Webcast. While I was interviewed to actually speak on the show, many people that were picked did not get a chance to speak. The class flows much like a conversation you'd have with friends, which of course made the experience all the better. Oprah looks great in person, she was very down to earth, laid back and reminded you of an old girlfriend or aunt that you can talk to about anything. I had a picture of Oprah on my vision board and had meeting her in my bucket list. I removed her picture after she ended the Oprah Winfrey Show and decided okay maybe its not going to happen. I secretly still hoped it did and the opportunity presented itself. Partaking in that lifeclass has changed my life. While great things have been happening in my life anyway I know that there are more to come. I know the things that I teach or tell others have not been in vain and the threading that connects me to so many people is good thread and I leave a life touch regardless if I leave this earth today or years from now. I am thankful for that thread and the many lives it has tied me to. I also from now on will no longer sell myself short or play myself down so someone else can feel better about themselves. I fell victim to that daily! NO MORE! I was born to be greatness and tied to greatness and no one can interfere with that any longer. I also will start saying "no" more often.  Affirm+Action=Miracles and I'm ready for more miracles in my life.  Accountability is my theme and I'm holding myself and others accountable for their goals, actions, etc. If you need someone to help give you that extra push I am here for you as long as you are there for you first. Put God first but you come next.. once you have filled your cup, you are then able to pour into the lives of others. Are you committed to keeping your cup full? I am and I will help you! Smooches.

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