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Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 13

Sigh... don't be mad, I've been a little busy lol.

So Day 13 we had to craft our ideal life narrative. I had so much fun with this. I love the idea of writing or speaking my life into existence. As personal as it is I will post what my ideal life narrative. Life is so good people!

I am living in the burbs of course in fabulous home that is full of love, laughter and fun. My home is constantly being used to entertain the people I love the most. We have a huge area that I am able to host themed nights at least twice a month and my friends and family love it. I am doing all the things I love and making money doing it. I am a well known sought after event/wedding planner and empowerment coach for young women. I host a week long retreat for teen girls twice a year where they learn personal development skills, self confidence and how to live the fulfilled life. I along with my husband are self mad millionaires. I work my businesses hard and so does my husband. I am earning 5 figures a month in Mary Kay still and often teach new consultants how to do the same. My husband and I travel at least ones a month to the islands and once a year we travel to new, fun and exciting places(other continents, lol). We take our family and loved ones on a trip once a year as a group to an island which we all love. We have a home in Vegas, Florida and Amsterdam. We are very close to our families and friends. I have a personal assistant whom I love and we also have a personal chef, driver and trainer that we have access to whenever needed. We try to stay hands on as much as possible. We are very healthy as we both want to be good teachers in all ways. I have an handsome, adoring, wonderful husband that supports me in all that I do, loves God and is a wonderful business man in his own right. My husband is the head of our household but we hold a partnership on the running of our family and businesses. My husband is a wonderful father as  I am a fantastic mother to our beautiful daughter Asia and our twin son and daughter. Our children are in accelerated programs and on their way to living their own fulfilled lives. I have a large clientele that I empower daily through personal and group coaching. I teach young women how to live the fulfilled life. My husband and I live extraordinary as most ordinary and we teach others to do the same. I am an avid reader as I have to feed my mind and spirit daily. My husband and I meditate to maintain our powerful connection. We are extremely devoted to our family, friends and church. We spend a lot of time volunteering and contribute financially as well to our church and community. My husband and I are blessed beyond measure and it is important to share our blessings with others.

So, there you have it.. that's my narrative on my ideal life!



  1. I absolutely loved it! That was perfect and dead on, I hope these dreams come true for you! I am routing you on all the way T!

  2. Thanks Tanya...I appreciate it and thanks for checking out my blog.