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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 27-31

Today is such an awesome day...Throughout this journey and in my day to day personal journey I am confident in my future. I will share with you the last days of the 31 day challenge.

Day 27...Take yourself out on a date

Well I didn't go alone I went with one of the BFF's (prettydarkgirlstyle)  but I had an awesome time. We went to Red Lobster lol, I don't think either of us had been in a while so hey.. We met at church and then went out to eat afterwards. We chose the new items on the menu and of course a cocktail, we were both in heaven. Full and still looking fabulous we ended our date lol but it was great to go out and treat myself. I came home and watched lifetime since the hubby was at work and then reorganized my closet. What a day!

Day 28...Develop a self care plan..
This was pretty much a guide to getting back in tune with your inner and outer self. To become more mindful of your thoughts. I will share a few things I added to my self care plan
-Salads for lunch
-No soda during the week
-No fast food for a week.
-Make my own lunches
-Eat breakfast at home
-More water
-Exercise a minimum of 30 minutes everyday. 

Those are just a few..

Day 29- Start a side hustle...

I have too many to start a new one but I wrote out plans for each business that I will have to take action on. Some of my readers already know my side hustles but I will share them with you. 

I am almost a senior consultant for Mary Kay 
I am a event/wedding planner
I am the president/founder of a youth development mentoring program
I am an accountability/lifestyle coach!

BOO-YAH lol, there are my side hustles. I don't think I need anymore.

Day 30- Write your own Eulogy.

I hadn't done this since the second year in Sweetface(my mentoring program). I found it and so much has changed since I wrote it. It was 5 years ago and I think we all know how much can change in that time span. I will not be sharing mine but this exercise was deep, however I was happy with the way my life has changed or progressed. I think if I died today my eulogy would've made me proud.

Day 31- Do a vision board. 
I do vision board almost every year. I am actually in the process of  doing a project that makes your vision board come to life (though video/slideshow) I have my music, clips, pics, etc that I have to make into a video to present to my teen girls in Sweetface. Myself along with the other mentors are doing the same thing. The girls this year have a personal project they are doing and I think us showing them our own will inspire them to put more thought into theirs. The vision board is something we started with them when Sweetface first started and I'm happy to say that those that have been in the program a while improve upon theirs every year, so we must be doing something right.  I think ALL should have a vision board. I am actually working on one with my husband as well so we have one for our family. It definitely helps!

Thanks Daphne so much for this opportunity in doing the challenge with you. I hope that I have inspired some of my readers to really look within and re-evaluate. I'm such a better person since self -reflecting and participating in challenges such as this one. I am here for you, a friend, family member etc... that ever needs someone to help them along their way. Be on the lookout for the great things that are in my future.Watch me Work...