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Friday, November 18, 2011


This week has been such a good week. I went from feeling kinda drab about my full time job last week to now just going with it (which is my usual approach). I had a talk with my boss and you know, whatever happens happens. I am so excited for what the future will bring that I'm not even sure if I am here mentally LOL. I feel God moving and my positive outlook is definitely attracting the same.

This weekend I am going to see my Godsis Ashley compete for Miss Illinois USA. She competed last year but did not win so she's going for it again. I'm so proud of her and confident that she will win this year. I took her yesterday to get pedicures and boy did my feet need it. It was good to just talk with her. She's young but so mature. She's doing so much with her life and I just get excited about the young people making moves. I will definitely keep you all posted on what the outcome is.

Tonight, when the hubby goes to work I am going to do some reading and relax. I ordered about 6 new books last week instead of a pair of shoes. How cool is that?? (giggles). I'm addicted to a few shows outside of reality tv so I plan to catch up on Homeland, Private Practice, Greys Anatomy and Boss. Any fans of those shows out here? Other than those shows I think most of what I watch is reality, which I've began cutting out slowly but its SOOO hard!

I plan to work on my vision board/video this weekend, that besides my reading will be my productive work for the weekend. I am hoping that each of you takes some time to do something productive towards your passion this weekend. A commitment of an hour a day will lead you closer to success. Give it a try.

Have a great weekend!


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