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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Days 22-26

Hey there...this challenge is very close to its end and I am a BETTER woman!

Day 22- Plan your reset project.
After weeks of the work we've been doing it was now time to get down to will we make all the dreams/visions come to life? We had to take a specific area from our life maps to make progress on. Listed below is what we had to do with it.. Its very similar to the goal planning/setting I do with the girls involved in my mentoring program. I've got mine down and making things happen daily. Everything I put out into the universe is coming back. As the Bible says, speak those things as though they were which is simply the law of attraction we hear about.

  • Brief description of the project: What area of your life map will you work on? Be specific.
  • Why the project was selected: How will this project help you get closer to your ideal life?
  • Goals: What do you hope to achieve?
  • Results: How will you measure success?
  • Assistance needed: What will you need to get your project completed or underway? How do you plan to get it?
  • Obstacles: What obstacles might you encounter and how do you plan to deal with them?
  • Next steps: What do you need to do now in order to see results within the 30 days?
So now on to Day 23 
We were told to find a community to support our goals. I joined a couple sites that are all about uplifting and supporting one another but for me I have a few people I share my dreams and goals with in detail and they support me as I support them in what they want. While I don't mind being transparent to others I also like to keep some things private and share them with those that truly love me and have my best interest at heart. So I joined but my "details" will be left to those that I know will TRULY support me on them.

Day 24- make a new friend.
This wasn't just about randomly going up to someone to make a friend...but those people that you have encountered as of late and "clicked" with. We were to make effort in to building a relationship with them. There are two people that I've clicked with in the past year or so and we have slowly been making progress in our "friendship" to becoming friends. I tend to take the word friend seriously so I am not quick to calling people friends. I also feel like as of late the woman who chose me to do this with her is becoming a friend.  Only inviting people in my life that will add value. You should do the same.

Day 25- Stop complaining for 24 hours
I successfully did 21 days of no complaining a couple months ago and while it was challenging I had no problem on Day 24. I find myself checking myself every time a complaint comes to mind. I quickly try to change the thought and end up laughing about it. I think if we all made ourselves aware of how much we complain we'd all get a kick out of it and make some changes. 

Day 26- List 100 things that make you happy...
I know most of you who read this may thing how in the world will I come up with 100 things...EASY! Once you get started so many start to come to you. I hate to keep repeating myself but I've done this before too but its always good to do it again and quickly remind yourself of all the happy things. I will just name 10 so you get an idea, if you're stuck when you do this yourself. 
1. Sunshine
2. Water ( I love putting my feet into the ocean or lake and looking out, it feels like I'm close to God knowing I see no end ahead of me.)
3. The smell of my husbands cologne
4. Cookies 
5. shopping
6. spending time with my mom, friends, family.
7. Romantic comedy
8. Getting Pedicures
9. Listening to good music
10. Reading

Those are just a few as my list is over 100 LOL.   Hope you're having a lovely day and that you've done at least one of the daily exercises I've done. Life changing I tell ya!



  1. Once again great post and thanks for sharing :)

  2. Thanks chica, thanks for being one of those I can share my goals and dreams with.