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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 12

Writing a letter to your lizard brain...

At first I was like huh and then before I could even begin to read the message I realized what this was all about.

In a nuthsell, the lizard brain is what stops you in your tracks and keeps you from moving forward.

I know I am not alone at suffering from that damn lizard brain. SO many times I have found myself beginning something and the lizard brain will tell me that "oh you can't do that, or you won't be able to accomplish that". How many of you have heard that pop up before? And not from people but you, yourself speaking down to you.

Well, I wrote my lizard brain a letter and told him to kick rocks. I am no longer allowing the lizard brain to keep me from anything else because its already kept me from so much.  I often have self sabotaged opportunities because of this.

Writing the letter was so liberating. I hope that you can find it in yourself to tell your lizard brain to go play in traffic.

No more procrastinating, self-sabotaging, self doubt....NO MORE!


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