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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Have you ever felt stuck? Ever know that this just can't be it? Well I have been helping a few people with this and what do you know... I find myself this past week in the same spot. It amazes me that when you are fully committed to living right, honoring God, being better and that whole basket of becoming great that the devil attacks you to no end. Money seems to be a little off, friendships/relationships seem to be irritated, goals a little blurry, people you come in contact with pressing your buttons, on the job issues. Ha, I am laughing at that enemy boy... I will not allow him to cause me to self destruct or throw me off.

The Lord has made promises. I am putting in the work I need to but I know I have to do more, especially when being attacked. I know my breakthrough is so close that I can literally touch it. I am not going to interfere with God's plan by trying to create my I sit still. I fast, I pray. Slowly but surely the attacks dwindle, the clouds move out, the sun begins to shine brighter and my smile lasts longer. I am thankful that I have the holy spirit to assist me through the trials, dance in the rain and make a hell of a lemonade with the lemons.

The enemy cannot win and will not win, I have on the whole armor of God.

I did not update you on my conference/retreat I hosted but I will give you a quick review. I truly believe lives were changed that weekend. I know that everyone there received something from each speaker because they were each pretty awesome. I pray that each of them not only received something but that they apply as they move forward in their lives. I thank God for the vision for that and the continuation that HE is giving me. His instructions are changing and I will follow. I unfortunately did not take any pictures but one of the speakers did. I will post one that shows all of us at our LBD (little black dress) Dinner. The climax of the retreat happened to be on that crazy Eve spirit us ladies have and boy did that speaker go down everyone's street at some point through the night. I returned home and made some changes in all that I learned. I created a new budget that I learned from the finance workshop, cleared out my closet and rid myself of what doesn't match my style anymore which I learned from the Fashion workshop, have been working my butt off so that I can feel better and look better which I learned from the Fitness workshop and slowing down which I had to do over from my own workshop. I have so much more information to share with everyone that I will do it again. I could make it big but I'll keep it small for the moment unless I am given instructions from God. I plan to remain on the high I left with from the women's conference.

Anywho, I hope that if you're feeling how I had been that this post helped or will help you when you're feeling stuck. Remember the enemy will do everything to keep you from reaching the next not fall for it. There is greatness ahead of you just keep going, reach further...I promise its there. Don't let those stumbling blocks make you fall just stumble and keep it moving.

over and out


  1. Great post boo... I know this feeling and we both know that greatness is in you and your light shines so bright to those around you, the enemy has no choice but to come see about you!! He can't touch what God has beautifully created so he has to try his best to work through others to get to you. Keep you eyes and heart on HIM, he always provides! You are never down for long cause you know you have a greater purpose that drives you daily even though you get tired, he refills your cup :).

    Love you girly... and what a awesome blessing that is coming your way!!