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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Good day world!

I just have to thank God for new grace and mercy everyday! As I sit and think about all that I have currently...I become more and more grateful for it. As I desire change daily, I try to keep myself in a state of preparation & expectancy so that when the Lord feels its time to move me forward I am ready!

After a weird last week, I feel Him moving me closer to the next journey. I have created a schedule for myself and eliminated a lot of junk (old junk, toxic people, television, etc), doing more reading and meditating and working out again.  I've gotta make sure that I not only workout my body but my mind as well.  In doing this, my days are becoming brighter and brighter and more and more is revealed on a daily basis. Some things I'm like "wow" about and others I felt were soon coming anyway. Some people try to shut me out and/or keep their distance for whatever reasons, some simply moving on and others with open arms and embracing our relationship as it is. Honestly, I'm cool with all of it. Everything & everyone has their season and some seasons do come to an end.

I've even enrolled to get my certification in something that I've been fighting for some time and now I'm feeling really good about it and my future. Confirmation comes in different ways and I try to keep my ears and eyes open for it. I even have two new clients that I'm working with on helping them. Those moments of attack always bring brighter, happier days and as they say its always darkest right before the dawn.

Everyday I understand more and more that my life is not about me at all.  I think for all of us when we begin to understand that, we truly see the purpose (our purpose) begin to unfold in our lives. I challenge each of you who read my post to wake up and ask yourself every morning, what can I do for someone else today that God will be pleased with.

thanks for reading my random thoughts....wishing you a powerful & productive day!


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