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Thursday, June 21, 2012


Hello world,

So the past two weeks I've been re reading Purpose Driven Life, I read the book like 8 years ago I think and it really helped me. Reading it now, I am in total amazement at how far I've come. Of course, there is still a long road ahead but I am thankful for it.

If anyone has ever read it before you know it really breaks down things that we deal with and our struggle as Christians, etc.  The tests, the living on purpose, the honoring God in all we do.... It seems that ever since I started the book again that I find myself doing or not doing things based on if God will be pleased with it. I have definitely checked my thoughts as they come (the negative ones) and try to regroup as quickly as possible.  It seems as though the tests just keep coming but I thankfully am able to quickly pass them lol.

I don't know about you guys but to know and see my growth first hand is a blessing and I'm excited as to where re reading this book is going to take me next.  My Father in Heaven has great things in store for me and I know I am no accident. I am so excited and pumped up about whats to come even through the little tests. I'm equipped to better handle them now. My relationship with the Lord is getting deeper and deeper and I yearn to glorify Him more!

There are so many good things going on around me that I know mine is right there on its way. I have friends in new homes, with new loves, with new jobs or positions, starting new businesses, going back to school, getting closer to God and just living! I am on cloud 12...

Just had to share...join me in reading or re/reading The Purpose Driven Life



  1. Thank you for sharing. I am all for a good read and my book-purchasing habits are usually at an all time high during summers. I will definitely give this book a shot and honestly, it sounds like something I could read right about now.

    Stay blessed!

    Soraya, FWB

    1. Please let me know what you think of it. Thanks for posting :o)