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Thursday, May 10, 2012

I love when I listen to God

So, if you're a reader of my blog you know that I have an upcoming ladies weekend retreat.

Well, the event is next weekend and the closer it gets the more ecstatic I get. As I've said in previous posts this is something that I've been wanting to do for a little while but maybe not in the form of a retreat. Well, God spoke and that's what its been turned in to. I swear when He speaks, He gives you all the things, people, etc that you need to execute. I'm so blessed that He gave me the best people for the job. I'm doing a workshop on lifestyle/personal development, a friend, Andrea is covering fitness, a friend Manisa is doing a workshop on finance, another friend Jennifer is covering faith/spirituality and my friend and fellow blogger Toni is doing her workshop on fashion. How awesome is that? Too awesome.

We have a great variety of women who have made an investment in themselves and trust us to bring them knowledge on the above areas. Even though I am the planner of this event I am so looking forward to all the workshops.

We start out that Friday with registration, a workshop and a late night social. Saturday is where the remainder of the workshops will take place and our fabulous "Little Black Dress" dinner. Sunday we will join one last time for breakfast and to share our experiences from the weekend.  I am praying for a very successful weekend surrounded with my friends and other women who ware looking to make improvements in their lives.

I promise that after its over I will post pics and report how awesome it was.  There will definitely be more of these events in the future and I can't wait. Maybe next time you will join us.  The other ladies aren't bloggers but if you're interested in great fashion, thrifting, styling tips...check out

Wishing you all a great weekend. I will be finalizing plans for next weekend and treating my mom to dinner and some mommy/me time.



  1. i'm so happy for you. God really can do it all, if we just let Him!

  2. thank you lexi. He sure will do it ALL!