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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Celebration

So...the honey woke me up and told me to get ready Saturday morning. "Be ready by 10:30", so of course I followed instructions. I was told to not get dressed up or anything so I put on some jeans, a striped cotton shirt and a black cardigan since it was a little chilly in the morning. We quickly leave and soon after arrive at Cosmopolitan Salon and Day Spa..."awww" was my immediate thought but then I realize he sends me alone.

The staff quickly had me check in and offered coffee, tea or water but I declined since I would soon be lying down for my massage. I was given a very awesome massage by Stephanie for a good hour and ten minutes and was even complimented on my skin. (*blushing*). After the massage I was drinking my cup of water when I was told to follow another lady to a room. Once we arrive in the room there's a pedicure chair with magazines, etc. I happily hopped on up into the chair and rolled up my jeans for my fabulous hour long pedicure. The lady was very nice, I can't remember her name at the moment (senior moment). Shortly after the pedicure was over I was told to have a seat at her station where I received a manicure. While getting the manicure, my tall, handsome hubby walks in in a nice shirt and jeans. Hmm, what is he up to? He goes to the counter and pays while all the staff sent us on our way with huge smiles.

I carefully walk out to the car where the hubby says okay you're ready to eat? Of course, so we head to Aha Sushi which is a fav of mine but they weren't open yet. We then drive back in the direction we had already come from to hit up Sushi Thai.. Nom, Nom, Nom...what a wonderful time!

So, after lunch I see he's pretty ready to go so we pay the bill and quickly leave. Headed towards the tollway now, my mind is racing because I have no idea where we're going.  I don't have the proper clothes on to be going somewhere is all I'm thinking. I say to him, "I thought I was going to get to go home and change" and softly tells me "babe, its okay".  *Sigh*...

We're driving and driving and We're like way out south (south suburbs). Where the heck are we going and I can softly hear the GPS saying "In .4 miles your destination is on your right", all I see is a Burger King sign. WTH. So we pull into the parking lot of a gray building that looks nothing like somewhere we should be going and boom, I see the sign. Aura, adults only. LOL. The hubby had got us a nice room and it actually felt like we were away. Awww, that's all I could say.  So, we pull around back after being let through a gate and park. He pops the trunk where he grabs two bags...he had packed one for me, how sweet.

 The shower was amazing
 Loved this fireplace..
If you're in the area and looking for a nice getaway, I highly recommend it. I loved the exclusivity of the place and with it being an hour away it felt like we had actually gone away. Looking forward to our real vacation though...nothing like beaches and fruity cocktails. He definitely pulled off a fabulous weekend and I was surely surprised. I love me some him.

That Sunday, we slept in and eventually found our way back to "home". It began to pour down rain on our way back so we picked up some takeout and watched movies. My mom stopped by to wish us a Happy Anniversary and she brought us dinner. The hubbs had been up all day Saturday after working over night Friday so he clonked out. After his nap we got up and cut the cake, which was just as delicious as it was the wedding day. What a great, low-key anniversary celebration. I'm super relaxed, just too bad we didn't win the lottery so I didn't have to come back to work. Thankfully I have the memory to keep me sane while working LOL.
Our top layer from wedding day
 Our wedding day glasses
 Wine from our honeymoon that we managed to save


  1. Wow, what a beautiful Anniversary weekend! Loved it all , your hubby did an awesome job planning and I'm sure you were surprised, congrats again on your 1 year together as husband and wife... :) luv ya both!,


    1. Thanks girl. You are going to have to hit up that spot it was awesome. We love you girl!