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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Its almost time

This Sunday, May 6, 2012 will be my one year anniversary with my husband. This year has been great but also a learning experience. I'm so grateful that we made it and have stuck it out through the storms of life.

I've known my husband since we were in the 8th grade, he happened to be my first love. We dated for about a year and 3 months and decided to break up because of us getting in trouble lol. After a few months of being upset with him and him finding a new girlfriend I couldn't see him not being in my life so we remained friends and had been friends for the last 18 years. Our friendship has encountered much, we've watched other relationships come and go, been there for each other during the break ups, lost loved ones, mature, he had a daughter and so much more. We never let our friendship die, even during the little spats we had. He always had a very special place in my heart and I knew no matter what I'd always be in his life somehow.

As I think back to the late night calls and making him run to the 24 hour Walmart with me or just coming and watching movies with me...smiles quickly cover my face. He did anything for me but I never looked at him as my "soulmate". We made a bet that by the time we were 25 if we weren't married then we'd marry each other but that time came and we were both single and I just didn't think anything of it. So a couple more years went by and a few more relationships as well but something started changing. I was noticing myself getting a little jealous if he couldn't come out with me or what have you. We started spending time together but then it stopped and he was being short with my texts, etc... "what is this, me, catching feelings?, it can't be" lol.

Our friend Jonathan invited me and a friend out to eat one day and Mel and I hadn't spoken in about a month so he had him come to, after arguing over dinner a bit we decided we'd hang out soon. Well that's where it started, we hung out and ever since then we've been together. I was so worried that if it didn't work that it would ruin our wonderful friendship but God had been preparing him just for me and I for him.

Two years later, my best friend proposed to me on 12-10-10.  The 12 was for my birthday, the 10 for his...and 5 months later we were married.  All that time my soul mate was right in front of me and I was looking everywhere but there.

This weekend we get to celebrate our first year of husband and wife together. I'm honored to call him husband and I pray that he's just as honored to call me wife. We've gotten to know even more things about each other in this year. You think you know someone really well until you marry them and move in together. I'm thankful for God being first in our life and that we can keep our line of communication open. Marriage is a beautiful thing but it is something that requires work. The work you put in is what you get out, enjoy each other, respect each other, accept the differences and vow to make the other happy.

I wish each of you that come across my blog the same happiness that I've been blessed with.

Happy Anniversary to Us... *cheers*

~the gorgeous dork


  1. Congrats on you both making it to your 1 year reunion of marriage Ms. Teena! I love the testimony of your both overcoming so much to still say after all you both had been through and put each other through, that you both were going to be married and love each other! Many blessings to you both and your futures and God bless you both with a life time of love and great times to come! - JT

  2. Awwww tears... what a beautiful story.. Congrats on your BIG 1 Year Anniversary!!! I always knew Mel was the one.. and remember even telling you that he would propose :).. You both are truly blessed to have been in each other lives through the thick and thin, and to have the love of your lives be your best friend all in one :)...

    Love You Both


    1. aww, we love you too.. Thanks for making me tear up lol.

  3. I swear I have the SAME exact story (but we are not married...YET) me thinking..Because I just told my mom that "my friend", I notice a lot of girls are ALWAYS on his FB page and I am finding myself getting jealous. Before I told him if he got married to someone else I wouldn't care because I wanted him to be happy. I had the same thoughts..we are not soul all..I have a daughter from a previous relationship, but he has always no matter what been there for me.We also made that promise if we were not married by 30 we would married each other.. well 30 is The parrallels of the stories are uncanny...I think it is a reason for me reading this. We have known each other since we were 19, we are getting ready to be 30, been through relationships and everything else.I ran across your blog from you friend Pretty Dark Girl....Thank you for sharing this story... : )

    1. ooh.. I am gonna have to follow you so that I can keep up with how this story unfolds. Its amazing to wake up and realize your husband is right in front of you and has been for all these years. Don't miss out...