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Monday, September 10, 2012


So yeh.. its been a while.  So many things are happening however I'm still in the race and waiting on whats to come. In the meantime I've come up with a few things to blog about lol.

So, its football season and both my husband and I love football. I am a die hard Bears fan, he...a 49ers fan. I used to love them back in Jerry Rice  days but things have changed, I do however love the game so I enjoy watching the 49ers, Steelers, Eagles, and many others. I am a huge fan of Peyton Manning too so I'll be tuning into the Bronco's this season as well. I took a few pics of me and the hubby being silly on Sunday watching the games. I'll be documenting this season of LOVE & FOOTBALL lol. #loveandfootball

I also have been purging and getting rid of so many things. I've been tossing papers, clothes, jewelry, you name it OUT! Either giving to Goodwill, relatives or simply throwing in the trash.  In the process I knew I had a lot of tops but I did not know I had as many as I do. So, I'll also be forcing myself to wear every top and I'll be posting about it lol. Some new, some old but I thought it would be fun to actually force myself to wear them all. The #toomanyshirtsproject!

                                    a lil sweater shirt I found at H&M

I post most of the pics on instagram but I will try my hardest to post here as well.

Guess, what I've also started Insanity and mama is sticking with it. I have a special birthday coming up 12-12-12 and Hubby and friends will be cruising with me. I would tell you where but yeh you know how that goes...people watching me LOL. My goal is to be in something teeny the entire time lmao..just kidding but I do plan on wearing shorts which is something I DON'T DO!  I will keep you (the few of you that read) what's going on and the plans and all that great stuff!

I miss blogging but so much other stuff had been occupying my time.

I also did an entry challenge for people to complete for my new coaching business.  I have a few people taking the challenge and it warms my heart that people are actually seeing things manifesting in their lives from something I helped with. How cool! GOD gets all the glory! I figure this was a good way to introduce the business, get some feedback and I even offered it free. This coaching thing...its not about the money but helping people get out of their own way and live this life we get OUT LOUD! Feel me? I hope so.

During all this time, you know the devil has been attacking but I am standing firm and believing that God is about to unleash some stuff I wont even be able to explain. You better watch what I tell you. I just want to be a blessing to others and help who I can along the way. Lets master it together.

I've discovered while working this job I have that I am most happy when I am helping others reach goals and planning events! Hey, that's my thing and I'm gonna work it. So thankful for the hubby being so supportive of it. I will have my certification shortly and I already have it in event planning. SO just watch me work.. well actually, watch God work! I can't do anything without Him.

I love you all... and I'm here for ya. Follow me on instagram thegorgeousdork



  1. You are doing such a wonderful job with your coaching Teena. You have such a wonderful heart and spirit. You make it easy for people to open up. You come with an open heart and a ear ready to listen and strengthen others. It's a wonderful gift you have. I can't wait to see all your dreams come true!

    1. Thank you so much hun. I appreciate your support in this change and growth. Love you