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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


So, I realized I haven't posted in a while and told you last that I'd show pics of the new baby.

Well, he's here and has been here for going on three weeks and let me tell you he is bad. How can something that is 3.3 lbs be such a busy body?? lol

Introducing the new addition, Major!

This was his first night at home with me, my hubby was out of town and left me to be a single mom to this little rascal. First couple of days I was just tired because he whined all night and couldn't get his potty issues together lol.

Next up
Daddy was back home this week so Major completely dissed his momma for him. They play together often until he makes his daddy mad lol.

I think this is where we love him most...him sleeping. He's so cute when he's sleeping and so good lol. He always has to hide under the couch to sleep when he's not behind his gate. He acts as though he has such a hard life.

Well, now we're here...
when he's riding in the jeep with us he feels as though he's got to see what's going on. Mind you, he's only 3.3 lbs so its kinda hard to look out of windows without a bit of assistance. He definitely has the Napolean complex.

Well, here's our baby and I am sure there will be many more posts about him in the future. I just wanted to make sure I introduced him to you guys. When I get ready to kick him out hopefully you guys will be there to pick him up lol.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

something new...

I have not had a dog since I was about 4 years old. Shortly after my dog was put down I was introduced to the movie Cujo, so right away you should know I was messed up- seeing this at 4/5 years old lol. Anywho, for the next two years I remember having nightmares about Cujo and was terrified of dogs. I've been scared of dogs up until about 3 years ago and even still takes me a minute to be calm around them.

With that said, I have been interested in getting a puppy for the last 3 years or more. I'm finally getting one! It seems like it took forever to find the right one but I did and he will be here next Monday. Mel and I have decided to name him Major! Originally, I wanted to name him Rupert (my family guy fans will get it) but Mel was not having it.  We are the proud pet parents of a peekapoo!

I have been getting all the little things our little man will need without going overboard too. I've found all kinds of goodies that were reasonable prices online and at Home Goods. I've got my little guy a bed, puppy pads, his food/water dish, toys, grooming items, food, treats and a couple of outfits. He's going to be spoiled, I can already tell. Since we don't have a baby yet, Major will definitely be getting a little extra lol. My step daughter has already agreed to puppysit for me and she better not hurt my baby either lol.

Anywho, just wanted to share my excitement on overcoming my fear of dogs and becoming a pet parent. Cheers to all my other pet parents out there!!!

I will post a pic as soon as he comes home.