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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Its a new year!!!

It's officially 2012 as we all know. Many of us have created a list of goals or resolutions for the year but how many of us will actually stick with any of them? I have made a couple of promises to myself and one was to change up my blog a bit, I'll be bringing different topics daily. I will let you know the exacts as soon as possible.

One thing I wanted to mention today was that none of us should allow negativity in our lives in 2012. Stop making excuses for the things that have occurred in your life. OWN UP! Nothing is anyone else's fault and its time that we take ownership for the things that have happened. Time that we make changes to correct those things. Forgive those that have hurt or harmed us in the past...for you! Forgiveness does not have to be verbal and to the person that you have the issue with.  I have a couple of activities that help in the forgiveness area that I will share with you soon. I am hoping that you will take advantage of those things that I post and really release some of that negative energy in your life. Have you ever thought about how you "not" forgiving could be preventing a blessing you've been waiting on? Well, it its time to get it right!  Tomorrow isn't promised to any of us and I don't want to leave here holding grudges against anyone. Many people have done many things to me and some even say I forgive too easy, yes...I do! I'm not going to prevent myself from receiving what God has for me for holding on to something that is more than likely trivial. I just want you all to really think about some of those grudges you're holding onto, are they worth it? You having any ill will towards anyone, is it worth it? Have you been thinking or asking God for something and it hasn't happened yet? Try forgiveness. No, I'm not saying that will automatically cause what you've been wanting to just drop into your lap but it will relieve you from unnecessary stress and open the door for a blessing beyond what you've initially asked. Just food for thought for now.

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